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Assessor in Information Technology


I’m an Apprenticeship Assessor interested in any sort of technology love my Raspberry Pi only wish I could code, I see every day Apprentices carry out tasks in HTML5, CSS, PHP, C# and Python, just trying to keep my skills up-to-date and enjoy trying to automate some of the function in my home using a Raspberry pi.

History :  Apex,  RMP , Dudley College , 3AAAs

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Main responsibility for delivering of high Quality assessment in an agreed time scale to nationally recognised standards, also I have responsibility for delivering training and revision sessions as required though the LMPQ delivery model of the Advanced Apprenticeships for IT and Telecom's Professionals. I will be responsible for monitoring apprentice learning and progression thought the program in partnership with the trainer also have V1 Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Award.



Performance Management Record

Achieve agreed student retention, achievement and success rates for your case load

For my ongoing case loads i  expect  achievement and retention achieved well before targets dates and retention is as expected. As indicated in my trackers

Achieve grade 2 or above in assessor observation

Aiming to achieve grade one

Contribute to the monitoring and review of all programmes on which I assess

I actively contribute to the monitoring of  all programmes by completing contact logs where I review and assess continually

Ensure all data for your case load is accurate

I continually update my trackers and contact logs to confirm the accuracy of my case load

Set SMART targets for learners

Smart targets are continually updated in Trackers  and Reviews to keep myself and students up-to-date

Contribute to course targets/enrolments

I actively  try to promote the programmes to anyone it may suit.